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“The Big 3” Protective Actions


For any hazard or emergency on campus, there are three key protective actions that you can take. They apply in so many different situations that we call them "The Big 3". Please take some time to become familiar with how to evacuate, shelter-in-place and secure-in-place. Your building's Emergency Response Coordinator may have more details for you, and you can always contact Emergency Management using the form below for more assistance.


For questions or comments, please contact Campus Emergency Management at (801) 585-2677.


If evacuation is needed, the key actions are to alert others, leave calmly but quickly, and know how and where to assemble.

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Typically related to weather-related emergencies, the key actions are to shelter inside a building, above ground, and away from windows.

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Usually related to threats of violence, the key actions are to secure yourself behind a locked door or barricade and make your hiding place dark, quiet.

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Emergency Assembly Points (EAPs) are outdoor areas where students, faculty, staff and visitors can gather in the event of emergencies. Every building has an assigned Emergency Assembly Point, which can be found on the Campus Map.

Emergency Management is training emergency response coordinators in individual buildings to connect with EAP staff and we are working with business units to develop emergency plans to evacuate and account for people during crisis.